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MugShop "Grandpa's House" White Ceramic Mug, 15oz

MugShop "Grandpa's House" White Ceramic Mug, 15oz

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Introducing our "Grandpa's House" Mug – where what happens in Grandpa's house might not stick around, but the laughter certainly will! With the caption "What happens in Grandpa's House don't matter, he won't remember in five minutes," this mug is a tribute to those unforgettable moments.

Crafted from pristine white ceramic, this mug isn't just a cup; it's a memory-making machine. The 15oz size ensures there's enough space for all the giggles and stories, while the comfy C-shaped handle feels like a warm hug from Grandpa herself.

Making every sip a sweet reminiscence of those cherished moments at Grandpa's.

Embrace the humor and warmth of Grandpa's house without leaving your morning routine. Start your day off right with the "Grandpa's Houser" Mug, and let the spirit of unforgettable moments fill your mornings.

Order your mug today and celebrate the joy of family anecdotes and Grandpa's timeless love – because even if he forgets, this mug will keep the memories alive with every sip

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